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The greatest thing about Wordpress is that so many people around the globe offer great plugins for free. Wordpress straight out of the box is a great blogging tool that has become an exceptional content management solution. It is however, too basic and some can argue a bit too flexible. By making a system that can work for anybody for nearly every need it can be quite confusing for someone to actually build a solid wordpress website.

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I want you to install wordpress for me. How do I get started?


Why waste time figuring out how to install wordpress yourself when I will do it for as little as $25.


  • No hidden fees
  • Fast installation
    • Database Creation
    • Database User creation
    • set security permissions on folders
    • Finalize install and make sure that¬†¬†wordpress is working correctly


Reasons You May Want Wordpress Installed For You


  • Many server setups are similar but have enough differences to make the installation of wp confusing
  • Many people aren’t familiar with creating a database and adding users to it may seem complicated
  • If you aren’t familiar with ftp, chown, permissions and other technical stuff it’s possible that your wp installation will work but be have bugs uploading pictures, other media or be insecure.

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