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The greatest thing about Wordpress is that so many people around the globe offer great plugins for free. Wordpress straight out of the box is a great blogging tool that has become an exceptional content management solution. It is however, too basic and some can argue a bit too flexible. By making a system that can work for anybody for nearly every need it can be quite confusing for someone to actually build a solid wordpress website.

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How to Install Wordpress

Wordpress - It’s a fantastic 100% free script that you can run nearly any kind of website on. Whether you  want to sell products, display photos, display videos, advertise your business, manage an online magazine or nearly anything else Worpress is designed to do it.  Since Wordpress if free, open source, GNU software (script),  thousands of people all over the world offer free plugins to suit nearly anyone’s needs. The New York Times even runs off of  Wordpress.

Wordpress Mu - Are you familiar with Google’s Blogspot or Wordpress.com. These are platforms where you can run your own blog or website off of the server for free.  Anyone can join one of those sites and have their own blog up and running in minutes.  Wordpress Mu allows - Allows  you the ability to run a website similar to wordpress.com or blogspot.com. With a little customization and your creative efforts you can actually build a site that people may even like better than these major players.

Installation of  Wordpress- The beginners Guide:  ( Read this, install it yourself or contact me and I’ll do it for you).

Installation Instructions For Wordpress:  (For Wordpress MU Instructions Click Here)

Server - This is the computer from the hosting company that the Wordpress script will run on.  I reccomend hosting wordpress with us. We offer custom pricing for your individual needs.  Our server is geared for wordpress and we specializre in wordpress trouble shooting. We offer Cpanel hosting (the most user friendly type of hosting available) and we reccomend cpanel servers for all of wordpress or wordpress mu hosting.

FTP (File Transfer Protocal) - This is what you use to get files on to the server computer. Wordpress is a series of files that you simply upload to the server and install. I reccomend WINSCP to upload all of your files. It’s fast, free and easy to use.

Data Base (sounds scary but it’s really easy with php admin) - In order to install wordpress you need a MYSQL databse.  Cpanel servers simpy have an icon that says “create a database”All you have to do is create a database name, username and password. The thing people miss is that they have to select from the dropdown menu the option to add user to the database. Also make sure that all permissions for that user are selected to the database.

.htacces.conf - When you ftp into your public_html folder you will notice a file .htaccess.conf. You must have acces to it to set the permissions to 777  before you run wp-install.php. Wordpress will automatically update that file if you set the permissions to 777.  If you see the htacces.conf file all you have to do is select the file, hit the tmouse button, select properties, then select permissions (check all bloxes until you see the numner 777 underneath then exit. After wordpress installs be sure to change the file back to 644 or 755 for security purposes.

Install Wordpress Now - Go to yourdomain.com/wp-install.php. This will run the Wordpress installation script.  It may tell you certain folders that you need to change permissions to like wp-content to 777.  Just right click on the folder when you are connected in WINSCP (be sure to change permnissions back to 755 when everything is working). Then enter the username and password. The error most people make is that they forget to add their cpanel username as the prefix before their database name and username (cpanelusername_databaseusername, cpanelusername_databaseusername and password).

Follow Instructions On The Screen and It should Now Be Installed.

Contact us and I’ll install it for you:

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